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"The first time I met with Trish she was genuinely excited and enthused to be meeting me and to hear my story. It has been 9 months since Trish helped me purchase my first home. Doing something so life changing at 19 was absolutely terrifying however Trish was able to work with me in a way to ensure that everything made sense and was able to organise my mortgage repayments at a rate that would work for me and enable me to have a social life as well. Trish has an incredible warmth and energy around her and is so welcoming and willing to go the extra mile. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" Janelle C

"Trish was great to work with as she not only set out my options really clearly but ensured that I understood and answered all my questions. We review the plan on a regular basis so that as things change in my life I know that my plan is still fit for purpose. Trish is very knowledgeable and professional. She is warm and friendly and went out of her way ensure that I have a long term plan in place." Michelle G

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